Globe Glider


Globe Glider offers an engaging gameplay experience featuring Wingston, a heroic bird on a mission to defeat the nefarious Dr. Debris and rescue the princess. As you navigate across various landscapes, your challenges will include dodging a range of obstacles, from toilets and cats to Dr. Debris himself, all while collecting power-ups to enhance Wingston’s abilities.

The game strikes a balance between accessibility and depth; its simple slider controls make it easy for anyone to pick up and play, yet the increasing difficulty provides a challenge for those looking to master the game. As you progress, you’ll notice the music ramping up in intensity, adding to the overall excitement.

Designed to captivate players of all ages, Globe Glider promises not only challenges but also plenty of opportunities for customization and cosmetic enhancements. Immerse yourself in this action-packed adventure and rise to the occasion as Wingston, the bird with a heroic heart!



My F.A.R.M.I. (Farming Adventure on a Remote Magical Island) is the project that initially inspired me to venture into game design. In many ways, it’s the catalyst for the creation of other games I’ve worked on. I estimate that the project will take 2-4 years to complete, and I’m currently seeking funding to sustain myself and my family while I dedicate time to its development.

In terms of future plans, I hope to assemble a full team to give this project the attention and quality it deserves.

Setting and Story

As of now, the game takes place on a remote island called Lunaria, which has a deep connection to the moon. Lunaria is part of a chain of islands that formed following the collision of a rogue planet, an event that also led to the formation of our moon. These islands are often referred to as “Pieces of the Moon” and have remained largely intact over time.

Game Mechanics

The farming aspect of the game will be temperature-based, where the chances of crops surviving will be determined by their proximity to optimal temperature and hydration conditions.

I look forward to revisiting this project soon and am excited about the journey ahead!

Don’t Break the Wall


Don’t Break the Wall is an ambitious game project with a focused mission: to address mental health issues in a meaningful way. This game aims to provide an immersive experience that not only entertains but also fosters awareness and understanding of the complexities surrounding mental health.

Clash of States


It’s widely recognized that army builder games have found a strong foothold in the mobile gaming market. However, the prevalent monetization methods in these games often exploit players’ psychology, a practice I strongly oppose. Clash of States is my answer to this issue, providing a healthier alternative for fans of the army builder genre.

Instead of relying on predatory in-app purchases, the game will adopt a monthly subscription model. This subscription will “restock” various in-game items and materials that can speed up gameplay, offering players the same sense of reward and accomplishment that other games manipulate for profit. The subscription will offer flexibility in how these rewards are received, be it in a lump sum or as a gradual drip-feed, to suit individual player preferences.

At this point, Clash of States is still in the conceptual phase. However, the core objective remains clear: to challenge and reform the standard monetization practices plaguing this genre of mobile games.

Jimmy the Chair


Building on the anticipated success of Globe Glider, our next project aims to be another budget-friendly yet captivating game titled Jimmy the Chair. This game will spotlight an unlikely hero: a seemingly ordinary chair named Jimmy. Against all odds, and in comically unexpected ways, Jimmy will take on challenges and save the day.

With its emphasis on humor and whimsical problem-solving, Jimmy the Chair is designed to engage players through lighthearted gameplay and quirky scenarios. By taking the ordinary and turning it into the extraordinary, this game promises a unique and memorable experience.

Every bit of this is likely to be changed around as well.

Oregon Trades


Oregon Trades is an homage to the classic game Oregon Trail, with a modern and personalized twist. Drawing from my own experiences as an electrician, the game will feature a humorous narrative centered around a traveling tradesworker journeying down the open road.

Instead of confronting historical challenges like dysentery or wagon breakdowns, players will navigate a series of entertaining and relatable obstacles tailored to the life of a modern-day electrician. From managing quirky clients to troubleshooting complex wiring puzzles, Oregon Trades will offer a blend of humor, challenge, and skilled trade know-how.

Designed to entertain and engage players from all walks of life, Oregon Trades seeks to bring the storied genre of travel-based simulations into the world of skilled trades.